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Welcome to my modern contemporary dollhouse heaven! Feast your eyes on a lovingly crafted and curated collection of dollhouse furniture and decor, to make your imaginations soar.

Thank you for choosing Minterior, and I look forward to helping you create a magical miniature world. From my designs, into your comfortable dollhouse, with love!

--Gabbi Whiteley

My Story

I am an artist, craftsperson, and mum of two beautiful children based in Vancouver, Canada. I am of Sri Lankan heritage and am originally from London, UK, with a background in fine art and design.

In my narrative, it's essential to share that I am the child of first-generation immigrants in the UK, navigating a path where financial resources were limited. Growing up, the constraints of modest means shaped my creativity and resourcefulness. As a little girl, I adored playing with dolls and making DIY dollhouses with humble cardboard boxes and candy wrappers.

My childhood, marked by the resilience of first-generation immigrant families, fueled my determination to provide my children with opportunities and experiences beyond what I had. 

And that's where Minterior comes in! It all began when I decided to renovate my kids' dollhouse for Christmas 2018. Eager to infuse a personal touch into the furnishings while mindful of costs, I took on the task of handcrafting most of the pieces. This experience ignited my passion for the enchanting world of miniatures, and I soon found myself not only creating miniature art but also delving into dollhouse makeovers for customers. 


Inspired by the desire to provide parents with access to modern and stylish dollhouse miniatures, I embarked on creating my own product line. In the process, I taught myself design for laser cutting and 3D modeling for 3D printing. Now, at Minterior, I not only create beautiful miniatures but also continue to learn and improve to bring innovative designs to life to provide a curated collection that fits today's aesthetics.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and am open to commissions. Let's connect.

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