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Tiny Magic

Elevate Your Dollhouse With
Our Miniature Collection

Welcome to Minterior - where tiny worlds meet big dreams! Our carefully curated and handcrafted dollhouse décor will transport you to a magical realm of miniatures, where even the tiniest details come to life.

About Us

Based in beautiful British Columbia, Minterior specializes in crafting modern dollhouse furniture, décor, and DIY kits. Our approach blends traditional craftsmanship with advanced techniques like 3D printing using PLA (Polylactic Acid), an eco-friendly biodegradable material, and laser cutting. These methods enable us to create intricate and precise components for our miniature creations.

Our mission is straightforward – to bring joy and inspiration to miniature enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're a child dreaming up magical worlds or an adult with a fondness for tiny treasures, Minterior has something for you.

Discover the charm of meticulously crafted miniatures, and consider the exciting options for customization to make your miniature truly yours.




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